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My favourite Drakensberg mountains

As an amateur photographer and passionate hiker it is little wonder I found the Drakensberg Mountains to be a place of inspiration and relaxation. It is with this website that I am able to share my experience of the Drakensberg Mountains and just perhaps I have not been everywhere I think the places of the Drakensberg I have been are more than worth sharing..
Glimpses of the Drakensberg Mountains

With so many peaks and passes the Drakensberg Mountains offer every hiker the perfect views and spectacular motives to photograph. My favourite is Giants Castle, Cathedral Peak and The Amphitheatre.

For the purpose of understanding Drakensberg and its attractions clearly, we can divide the range in three parts. The first of them is Northern Drakensberg that comprises Royal Natal National Park, Amphitheatre, Rugged Glen Nature Reserve, Mont-aux-Sources, Singati Valley, Ifidi, Mnweni & Ntonjelana valleys, the Mnweni cutback, Mponjwane, and the Saddle.

The Central Drakensberg or Berg comprises of Mlambonja Wilderness Area, Cathedral Peak, Ndumeni, Organ Pipes, Ndedema Gorge, Mdedelelo Wilderness Area, Cathkin Peak, Monk’s Cowl, Champagne Castle, Injasuti, and Giant’s Castle Game Reserve.

Southern Drakensberg has Mkhomazi Wilderness Area, Loteni, Highmoor, Kamberg, Vergelegen, Sani Pass, Mzimkhulu Wilderness Area, Mzimkhulwana Nature Reserve, Garden Castle, Rhino, Bushman’s Nek, Giant’s Cup Hiking Trail, Sehlabathebe National Park, Thomathu, Devil’s Knuckles, and Ramatseliso's Nek.

Accommodation in the Drakensberg

There is a good choice of hotels, resorts, farms and campsites to choose from. Most of the accommodation options are found on the periphery of the mountain and range from economy to luxury. See this Drakensberg accommodation at the Antbear Guesthouse page for our recommended accommodation in the Drakensberg region. Website: 

Drakensberg Hiking trails

Hiking trails in the Drakensberg offer something for everyone. Whether you prefer to stroll through secluded, shaded valleys, walk the rolling foothills, hike the upper reaches or take on the challenge of man against mountain, the Drakensberg is certainly a hikers paradise. The nicest thing about hiking trails in the Drakensberg is that there are so many fascinating landmarks that can be reached with a comfortable walk and the minimum of climbing.

Most resorts, hotels and camps in the Drakensberg can recommend a wide variety of routes, from a short easy amble through indigenous fern forests to admire a nearby attraction, to more strenuous one-day hikes that trail over river and hillside - or head for the more imposing high ground. There is nothing to beat walking or hiking in the high country. You will breathe clean, crisp mountain air as you revel in the sights and sounds of nature.

The Drakensberg Mountains present three very different perspectives to its hikers. And I recommend you see each of these aspects. I have selected the following as recommended trails because of their ease, spectacular scenery and last but not least they are well off the beaten tourist track. You probably will not even see a single other visitor while walking. And the place to stay while do all this is the Antbear Guest House which is also my favorite B&B in South Africa


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More Tips
If you're interested in learning more about the Drakensberg Mountains, click on the following link, and also visit my Favorite Links page:

Best Drakensberg hikes for beginners

1. Day trail through the lower reaches of the Drakensberg (Northern / Central 'Berg)
Walking the lower reaches below the Drakensberg escarpment is the reason you came to this area. This is the most impressive the Drakensberg has to offer and I recommend Giants Castle Nature Reserve. Try "Worlds View" an easy 3,5 hour hike (14 km) and ends with a spectacular 360 degree view.  More of this walking beneath the escarpment can be found at Injasuti, Monks Cowl, Champagne, Cathedral and Royal Natal. Its similar but the scenery is different and all spectacular.

2. To the top of the Escarpment and the 950m Tugela Waterfall
There is only one place you can reasonably get to the top of the Drakensberg escarpment and back down again in one day and that is at the Sentinel. The drive alone is spectacular. The walk is 5 hours 2,5 hours each way. You ascend the last 20 meters using a chain ladder and are rewarded with a view overlooking the Royal Natal Reserve. Also you are at the source of the Tugela river where it falls some 950m. 2nd highest in the world.

3. San (Bushman) rock art in the Southern Drakensberg
Kamberg offers the most spectacular examples of rock art to be found in South Africa. There are many places where Bushman rock art can be found but this is one of the few sites where your imagination is not a prerequisite. Kamberg is situated in the southern Drakensberg (More sandstone and valleys than the spectacular basalt of further North) which gives you another opportunity to experience a different aspect of our Drakensberg.

Drakensberg Mountains